Indian Migrant worker who studied in Australia dies unexpectedly at work in New Zealand

In Australia, Siddharth studied hospitality to become a chef and his Wife Shreejana studied hairdressing.

An Indian temporary resident has died at his workplace in Auckland, New Zealand.

31-year-old Siddharth Dasson, originally from Batala in Punjab, has left behind his wife, Shreejana Kadel, and nine-month-old kid, Zayden.

Image Source: Shreejana Kadel – Facebook.

According to Shreejana’s post, her husband died of “subarachnoid haemorrhage” while at work in the BP gas station in Weymouth.

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Shreejana is still in utter disbelief and shock from the news. In a Facebook post, she said:

“I still have not come to terms with it fully but I keep getting reminded of the fact which I also understand cannot be changed. My whole foundation has been turned upside down, uprooted.

I find myself unable to comprehend this truth. And when the cold truth about none of my family members being able to come to my aid due to the lockdown makes me sink even further.”

Sidharth’s wife is from Nepal and they got married in 2013.  

They had first met in Brisbane, Australia, in 2009 where both of them were pursuing international education.

In Australia, Siddharth studied hospitality to become a chef and Shreejana studied hairdressing.

Image source: Shreejana Kadel – Facebook.

Speaking to the Indian Weekender Shreejana said:

“I am very close to Sidharth’s mum and dad, and they have left it on me to decide on how best to manage the funeral [or repatriation]. Papa is retired from insurance firm and his brother works in an insurance firm in Punjab.”

Siddharth also worked at QUEST Highbrook as a duty manager apart from his job in BP Weymouth as a customer service representative.

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Image source: Shreejana Kadel – Facebook.

The couple had recently applied for Essential Skills Work Visa in New Zealand and were confident of a favourable outcome.

However, given the unexpected and unfortunate tragedy, Shreejana has requested the community to help her:

“At this time, I would like to make an appeal to everyone that might be in a position to help me and my child in any way they can. Thank you for your consideration.”

Image source: Dinesh Khadka.

Dinesh Khadka of Nepal Society of New Zealand told the Indian Weekender that a help page has been created for Siddharth’s family.

“We are requesting our communities to continue to shower love, kindness and compassion to support Shreena and her infant child in this distressful time.”

He added that the page has already started getting support from the Nepalese and Indian communities of New Zealand.

Shreejana plans to stay in New Zealand, a place that her husband loved and dreamt of creating a future for his family.

Image source: Shreejana Kadel – Facebook.