Indian democracy is not just safe but vibrant and invincible too

One can never forget the gallant efforts of eco-chamber critics, social media influencers, foreign media and their brigade of entitled desi journalists to save Indian democracy.

With the declaration of the 2024 election results, democracy has been marked safe in India. It is a beacon of hope to moral virtue signallers as every vote is counted and every Electronic Voting Machine (EVM) is found functioning with the precision of a Swiss watch.

“This is public’s victory and a win for democracy,” Congress party President Mallikarjun Kharge told media. Now in a display of unparalleled confidence, the Indian National Congress (INC) party has emerged victorious in the most significant of battles—moral superiority on social media; despite the minor setback of failing to secure actual significant parliamentary seats and wiped out in a good number of states.

To many, the 2024 elections have once again shown India’s democratic process is not just robust, but practically invincible. That’s the beauty of India’s democracy under Prime Minister Narendra Modi.

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Let’s face it, none of the EVMs were hacked and Indian democracy is definitely not in danger! No hacks, no breaches, no technological tomfoolery. Just pure, unadulterated democracy at work. What a testament to the strength of Indian democracy that despite multiple oppositions and controversies, the will of the people shone through unblemished.

One can never forget the gallant efforts of eco-chamber critics, social media influencers, foreign media and their brigade of entitled desi journalists to save Indian democracy. With their finely tuned moral compasses and impeccable sense of timing, they swooped in to rescue India—or should I say INDIA—from the clutches of imminent doom. Their insightful op-eds, alarmist reports, and relentless criticism were supposed to enlighten the unwashed masses and steer the nation towards the enlightened path of INDIA.

Additionally, in a dazzling display of intellectual prowess, brilliant echo chamber political scientists and historians tirelessly pointed out the supposedly dire state of science under PM Modi’s regime. All this is done while conveniently glossing over the remarkable successes of various scientific initiatives and the impressive strides in indigenous technological advancements. Truly, their selective amnesia and artful dodging of inconvenient facts exemplified the pinnacle of academic integrity and objective analysis.

When I pointed this fact to my dear friend Om Dwivedi, he wasn’t surprised. Munching on a khasta kachauri of Praygraj, Om observed: “Enlightenment has a political ideology, even institutions run by certain elite members of Lutyens or the Woke group.”

“Loyal and committed enlightened individuals to the Western factories, they find ‘Make in India’ model a tad middle class or without guaranteed foreign funding. Likewise, Science and Social Sciences need the oxygen supply of the West to become enlightened. Once enlightened, the task is to ensure that this enlightenment process emboldens its sacrosanct purpose of secularism by mocking and condemning India,” he adds.

At least, for many, Bharat prevailed over such well-intentioned internal and external intervention!

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Accepting the mandate, PM Modi told the crowd at his party’s headquarters in Delhi: “Today’s victory is the victory of the world’s largest democracy. Today, India is taking everyone along. A strong Bharat will become a powerful pillar of a strong world. The NDA government, irrespective of parties in states, will work along with them.”

This is the marvel of the Indian electoral process itself – more than 640 million votes were cast and counted flawlessly in the marathon election held over a span of six weeks. Meanwhile, other countries such as the US can barely get their act together.

Image: Lok Sabha election result 2024: Results and trends (Source: Livemint)

While the BJP may have the trivial matters of governance and policy in their grasp, it is the INDI Alliance that holds the sacred torch of moral victory as they bask in the warm glow of self-righteousness.

Of course, the real champions here are the voters who can give a little hiccup to anyone – all just part and parcel of the grand democratic political mosaic of India. By now, politicians and political pundits know very well that winning an election in India is less about policies, and more about the blessed algorithms of the masses.

Congratulations from world leaders for the third time Prime Minister Narendra Modi has flowed in via social media, in English and Italian too! The White House has also commended India for its “vibrant democratic process.”

Until the next elections “Indian democracy in danger” or “democratic backsliding of India” narrative can rest. So, here’s to the 2024 Indian elections – a shining example of how democracy, when combined with technology and social media, can create a result as unpredictable as the colour of the sunrise that I see from my home.

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