Indian Comedy in its own style with no language barriers

The drama festival represented unity in diversity and brotherhood of the multicultural Indian community.

Indian Diaspora in Perth was enthralled with a play that was presented in three different languages.

A Comedy Drama Festival (Natraj Drama Festival) was organised in Perth on January 22. An adapted version of “Charlie’s Aunt”, an English play was written by Brendon Thomas, was presented in three different languages Gujarati, Marathi and Hindi.

The drama festival represented unity in diversity and brotherhood of the multicultural Indian community. The event brought all the Indian community together irrespective of language, culture and values.

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The Natraj Productions is the brainchild of Prashant Tupe.

The storyline of the play “Buntie ki Auntie”:
Four college friends Buntie, Raju Thusa, Pappu and Vikram (Vicky). Buntie, Raju and Pappu are sharing a big house they have rented. Raju’s uncle Colonel Jagjeet Thusa is an ex Indian Army man now settled in Karatha. Her Highness Kanaklakshmi Queen of Aalur (MP) India is Buntie’s Auntie. Since both are financially supported by their respective Uncle and Aunt they have no shortage of money.

They are living a lavish life and more interested in parties, enjoyment and less focused on studies. Whereas Pappu is their junior and sincere. Pappu is sharing the house with lesser rent on the condition that he will do all the house chores.

Buntie’s aunt, the queen of Princely state Aalur, is coming to Perth on a special invitation by the Consulate General of India Perth office as a cultural ambassador to attend a conference. She decides to visit Buntie as well who she has not seen for many years.

So Buntie and Raju call their girlfriends (Reena and Tina) from their neighbourhood to give her company but at the last minute the aunt’s visit is cancelled and Vicky, (Vicky is Pappu’s cousin who is quite Senior to boys and is an aspiring actor, still struggling to get a good break) who is playing a female part for a theatre group is coaxed by his two friends to become Buntie’s aunt.

What follows is a fun-filled drama with Raju’s uncle Colonel Jagjeet Thusa and the girls’ uncle Raobahaddur Bagga proposing to Auntie and the arrival of the real Auntie Her Highness Queen Kanaklakshmi of Aalur alias Vijaya and a Public Officer from Consulate General’s office Ms Sandhya who happens to be Vicky’s girlfriend.

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The storyline was the same for Gujarati and Marathi only the characters names were different.

Well, known theatre personality Rohini Hattangadi also described the play as well directed. She appreciated the efforts of Prashant Tupe.
The music in the play has been given by Ashok Patki, known for his “Mile Sur Mera Tumhara”.

Prashant established Natraj Productions Australia, a Perth based organisation for theatre and entertainment enthusiasts. The mission of the organisation is the desire to give back to the community by arranging events for social causes. Through Natraj productions, Prashant is continuously bringing new subjects on stage for the Western Australian audience.

Prashant Tupe, a resident of Perth since 2006, was born and brought up in India. Though he is an engineer by profession he also has a passion for acting and theatre.

He has produced, directed and acted in different Indian languages such as Marathi, Hindi, Gujrati etc.

BY Surabhi Gupta: A journalist with 15 years experience at Press Trust of India and Times of India. She has a proven hold on Indian and Australian news and a special heart for all things Astronomy and Archaeology.