Indian car giant Mahindra will not import ‘Thar’ 4WD to Australia, here is why

Car Advice has recently reported that Indian car giant Mahindra’s Thar four-wheel-drive has effectively been banned from being sold in the Australian market in its current design.

Image source: YouTube.

It is alleged that Mahindra’s Thar is a similar version or look-a-like of Jeep Wrangler.

Image source: Jeep Wrangler – Wikipedia.

According to the report, Mahindra has given an undertaking to the Federal Court of Australia to not import Thar.

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Image source: Federal Court of Australia – Wikipedia.

Earlier this year Mahindra’s Australian website had published an “expressions of interest” page.

Later, it had also emailed potential buyers about the release of Thar in Australia: “As we get closer to launching this exciting new vehicle in Australia, we will communicate with you via this email address.”

However, recently the Federal Court heard one Mahindra Thar vehicle “has been imported into Australia for testing.”

The court also heard that the certification process known as homologation “has not commenced and no vehicles are available … in Australia”.

The lawyers representing Mahindra in Australia agreed that the manufacturer would “not import, market or sell in Australia the model of the Thar vehicle” released in India in 2020.

The lawyers also agreed to certain conditions if Mahindra planned to import a possible future variant of the Mahindra Thar vehicle to Australia.

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A statement from representatives for Mahindra Australia – sent after yesterday’s Federal Court hearing – said: “Mahindra’s undertaking to the Federal Court means that there will not be any needless litigation in relation to the case filed by (Jeep) in Australia for a model of the Thar that is available in India. When we develop a model specific to (the Australian) market, we will provide the required notice to (Jeep).”

A statement issued by Jeep after yesterday’s Federal Court hearing said the company is “pleased that Mahindra has conceded and undertaken that they will not import, market or sell the current Thar vehicle in Australia and will provide prior notice to (Jeep) before bringing any future model or variant of the Thar into Australia”.