Indian bakery makes 48-ft-long Ram Setu cake

A cake shop in Surat, Gujarat, India, made 48-foot-long cake dedicated to Ram Setu.

It is believed that Ram Setu (Rama’s Bridge also known as Adam’s Bridge) was 48 km long.

In the ancient Indian epic Ramayana it is said that this bridge was constructed by God Rama with the help of his Vanara (ape-men) army to reach Lanka and rescue his wife Goddess Sita from King Ravana. 

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ANI reports that apart from baking the massive cake, 200 workers of the Breadliner cake shop also donated their day’s salary for Ram Mandir Construction.

In September 2020, on the occasion of Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s 71st Birthday, Breadliner made a 71-feet-long cake weighing 771 kilograms.

They also organized a ‘Cake for Corona Warriors’ event. This was world’s biggest digital cake cutting event held on 17th Sep ’20 to appreciate the efforts of our corona warriors for their priceless efforts for the society.

WATCH VIDEO: Surat bakery makes 48-ft-long ‘Ram Setu’ cake