Indian-Australians start petition urging Australian Government to stand by its “friend India”

Indian-Australians have started a petition urging the Australian Government and Hon Prime Minister Scott Morrison “to stand by its strategic partner and friend India in this hour of desperate need and provide urgent relief.” 

Image Source: Prime Minister Scott Morrison -Twitter

The petitioners argue that “India is in crisis, the situation on the ground is dire and her health system has collapsed under the weight of an unprecedented surge in COVID-19 case numbers. The mutant, more virulent form of the virus is causing havoc. Hospitals have run out of beds, oxygen, other basic equipment and they haven’t peaked in terms of case numbers yet. The furnaces in crematoriums are melting and the images of mass funerals are heart breaking. It is estimated that up to 4 million people could die in a worst case scenario by August this year. A country of 1.3 billion people caught between the conundrum of “lives versus livelihoods” can only do so much on her own.”

Image Source: Twitter.

The petition further says that “Indian diaspora in Australia and in many other countries are distraught and are doing their best to help their homeland.”

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This change.org petition titled “Australia – it is time to stand up for India, your friend in need” by Kiren Sekhar has received more than 11,000 signatures from the targeted 15,000 signatures.