Indian-Australian story ‘Namaste Yoga’ to be made into a feature film

After an extensive, nation-wide call out, ABC and Screen Australia are pleased to announce that the first recipients chosen to take part in The Kaleidoscope Project have been selected.

The Kaleidoscope Project was launched last year to support and showcase the best of Australia’s next generation of Culturally and Linguistically Diverse (CALD) filmmakers.

ABC and Screen Australia will offer career changing opportunities and mentorship to CALD filmmakers.   

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Image source: Amanda Isdale, ABC Executive Producer – ABC

Amanda Isdale, ABC Executive Producer says,

“These exciting films explore themes familiar to young Culturally and Linguistically Diverse people – identity, belonging, expectations, sense of agency and connection to culture – with heart, humour and authenticity.”

The judges have selected Lara Köse, Mary Duong, Rachel Choi, Taku Mbudzi and Ravi Chand to showcase their talent.

With the support and guidance of ABC and Screen Australia executives, these talented, young filmmakers will have the opportunity to create a standalone film.

Their films will reflect and captures the experience of young Australians from a CALD person living in Australia today.

Image source: Jenevieve Chang, Development Executive at Screen Australia – www.jenevievechang.com

Jenevieve Chang, Development Executive at Screen Australia says,

“Representation is more than skin deep, and we’re committed to celebrating the creativity of storytellers who reflect the cultural richness of children and young people in Australia today.”

Image source: Ravi Chand – Warrior Tribe Films.

One of the lucky winners, is Indo-Fijian creator Ravi Chand well-known for his short film – Five Year Grandma.

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He draws on his experiences with Namaste Yoga.

His film is about Shiv, a 12-year-old Indian-Australian boy who hates being Indian.

While Shiv struggles with internalised oppression, his 8-year-old sister Kaali is proud of her Indian heritage and culture. She immerses herself in it. 

Chand makes Shiv experience his culture and learn to reclaim it on his own terms through his practice and connection with the true essence of yoga.

All these selected films will premiere on ABC ME, the ABC ME app and ABC iview in March 2022 as part of Harmony Day.

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