Indian-Australian family’s $50,000 car gone in 60 seconds, police looking for 2 culprits

Victoria Police found the family's car 48 hours later and said the vehicle was a write-off.

An Indian-Australian family’s $50,000 Mazda CX-9 only purchased the car two years was stolen in less than 60 seconds.

Bhavesh Patel, an NBN technician, and Asha Patel, a nurse by profession, told A Current Affair.

“We just went inside and we came out and the car is completely gone.”

The theft occurred in Cranbourne East shortly after the couple returned home from shopping with their one-year-old son Shanaay.

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Asha took their sleeping son out of the car and Bhavesh unloaded their stuff and went inside the house using garage door.

CCTV pics of duo allegedly stealing Patel family’s car (Source: A Current Affair)

Soon, a woman with tattoos could be seen in CCTV footage allegedly walking into the Patel family’s garage. The woman could be seen taking off while the boot was still open and was gone in 60 seconds.

Bhavesh returned to the garage to find his car gone. He said:

“The way they came in, it’s really scary to us.”

Victoria Police found the family’s car 48 hours later and said the vehicle was a write-off.

The couple believe were not sure if their insurer, AAMI, will accept this claim as the keys were still in the car.

CCTV pic of Patel family car (Source: A Current Affair)

Bhavesh said:

“I still have a $32,000 loan on the car. I don’t have (a) car now … financially and mentally and emotionally it’s going to impact (us) a lot.”

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An AAMI spokesperson said in a statement:

We appreciate the impact this event has had on Mr Bhaveshkumar and we are working as quickly as possible to provide him with a decision on his claim.

Victoria Police are now on the hunt for two people who can be clearly seen in CCTV footage.

The Patel family is hopeful that police will be able to catch the alleged thieves soon.