Indian-Americans are taking over USA, jokes President Biden

US President Joe Biden on Thursday said “Indian-Americans are taking over the country.”

He made these comments while congratulating the team of NASA scientists over a virtual interaction.

Biden made reference to a large number of people from the Indian-American community working in his administration. 

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The President was speaking to Indian-American scientist Swati Mohan.

Swati Mohan had led the guidance, navigation and control operations of NASA’s Mars 2020 mission.

Swati Mohan told Biden:

“I’m doing very well, Mr President thank you for taking the time to speak with us.”

The US president responded:

“Are you kidding me? what an honour this is. This is an incredible honour and it’s amazing. Indian-Americans are taking over the country: you, my vice president, my speechwriter Vinay [White House director of speechwriting Vinay Reddy], I tell you what but thank you, you guys are incredible.”