Indian actress shaves her head for husband

Dipti Dhyani's husband Sooraj Thapar had contracted Covid in 2021 and was admitted to the hospital.

Indian actress Dipti Dhyani recently shaved off her head for her husband Sooraj Thapar.

Last year Sooraj had contracted Covid and was admitted in the ICU. Dipti had prayed to Tirupati Balaji (Lord Venkateswara) for Sooraj’s recovery and made a sacred pledge that upon Sooraj’s recovery she will donate her hair.

Sooraj Thapar, Dipti Dhyani’s husband who himself is also a well-known actor, told the indianexpress.com that he felt lucky to have a partner like her. Describing the moment he said that while he didn’t know if he would ever be fine doing this but that Dipti sat at the temple and just chanted God’s name and that it was an emotional moment for both of them. He commented that she is confidently flaunting her new look and refuses to wear a scarf or band and that she is looking prettier now.

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Tirupati Balaji (Sri Venkateswara Swami Vaari Temple) is a famous Hindu temple situated in Tirumala, India. It is the abode of Lord Venketeswara who is considered an incarnation of Lord Vishnu.

Millions of Hindu devotees visit the temple every year from India and abroad. The devotees, if they wish to, can pledge to shave their head off and donate their hair to the temple, if their prayers are answered.

The temple also gives free food to pilgrims known as anna prasadam. According to the Deccan Chronicle in the year 2019 the temple served free food to 6.45 crore or 64.5 million devotees.