28 June 2022 15:56
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India: Exit polls predict tight contest in Bengal, but Tamil Nadu, Kerala, Assam, and Puducherry could see a clear majority

The exit polls of this round of assembly polls on Thursday predicted a clear victory for DMK-led alliance in Tamil Nadu, LDF retaining power in Kerala and BJP-led NDA in Assam, and a tight contest in Bengal with several surveys giving an edge to the ruling Trinamool Congress (TMC). In Puducherry, the polls predicted victory for NDA.
In West Bengal, all exit polls predicted BJP making major inroads and a few also said that the party will emerge victoriously. Times Now-C voter exit poll predicted 158 seats for TMC, 115 for BJP, and 19 for others. ABP-C Voter predicted TMC to get 152-164 seats, BJP 109-121 seats, and Left-Congress alliance 14-25 seats.
According to the Republic-CNX exit poll, BJP with 138-148 seats has an edge over TMC which is predicted to get 128-138 seats.

As per India TV- People’s Pulse, BJP is expected to get 173-192 seats while TMC will be reduced to 64-88 sets and the Left-Congress alliance will get 7-12 seats.
Axis My India predicted a hung assembly in Bengal with the ruling TMC expected to get 130-156 seats and BJP 134-160 seats.

In Assam, India Today-Axis My India exit poll said the BJP-led NDA is likely to get 75-85 seats out of 126 seats. The BJP may get 61-65 seats, AGP 9-13, and UPPL 5-7. The Congress-led ‘Mahajath’ is expected to garner 40-50 seats and others may get 1-4 seats. Congress may get 24-30 seats, AIUDF 13-16, and BPF 3-4.
ABP News-CVoter exit poll said that BJP-led NDA is predicted to get 58-71 seats and Congress-led ‘Mahajath’ 53-66 seats and others 0-3 seats.

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Republic-CNX exit poll predicted 74-84 seats for BJP+, 40-50 for Congress+, and 1-2 for others.
According to Today’s Chanakya, BJP+ is expected to win 61-79 seats, Congress+ 47-65, and others 0-3 seats.
In Tamil Nadu, Today’s Chanakya predicted 164-186 seats for DMK and 46-68 for the ruling AIADMK-led alliance. According to the ABP-CVoter exit poll, AIADMK is expected to get 58-70 seats, DMK 160-172 seats, and others 0-7. Republic-CNX poll said that DMK is expected to win 160-170 seats whereas AIADMK may get 58-68 seats.
In Kerala, the ABP-CVoter exit poll predicted LDF to get 71-77 seats, UDF 62-68 seats, and BJP 0-2 seats. India Today-Axis My India exit poll said LDF is predicted to get 104-120 seats, UDF 20-36 seats, BJP+ 0-2 seats, and others 0-2 seats.
According to Today’s Chanakya, LDF is likely to win 93-111 seats, UDF 26-44 seats, BJP+ 0-6 seats, and others 0-3 seats.
Republic-CNX predicted LDF to win 72-80 seats, UDF 58-64 seats, BJP+ 1-5 seats. Jan Ki Baat’s exit poll predicted 64-76 seats for LDF, 61-71 for BJP+, and 2-4 for others.
In the Puducherry, ABP-CVoter exit poll predicted NDA to win 19-23 seats, UPA 6-10 seats, and others 1-2 seats. As per the India Today-Axis My India exit poll, NDA is expected to garner 20-24 seats, UPA 6-10 seats, and others 0-1 seats. Jan Ki Baat exit polls predicted 19-24 seats for NDA and 6-11 seats for UPA. Republic-CNX exit poll predicted 16-20 seats for the NDA and 11-13 seats for the UPA. 

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