If I can do it so can you, says Mrs Universe Australia, Dee Mukherjee

Dee Mukherjee aims to promote diversity and equal representation of women from ethnic backgrounds in the Australian fashion industry.

Indian-Australian Dee Mukherjee will be representing Australia in the upcoming ‘Mrs Universe Australia by Mayrose Salubre’ pageant which is taking place in Sydney on 4th December. Dee was first runner up in the Mrs Universe Australia contest that took place last year but then due to some circumstances the crown was passed on to her.

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Dee Mukherjee (Image supplied)

In an exclusive interview with The Australia Today’s Editor, Pallavi Jain, Dee spoke about her journey and how she overcame obstacles in life to follow her dreams.

Dee (Debasrita) Mukherjee is mother of 11-year-old gymnast and an HR professional working for an esteemed organisation in Sydney. She’s also a Bollywood, Indian classical, and belly dancer as well as a plus-size model and an influencer. She’s an advocate of mental health awareness and she strongly stands for women’s rights, empowering them and creating domestic violence awareness.

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Dee has won numerous titles in pageantry. She was the winner of Mrs India Universe, Mrs Universe Australia and was 2nd runner up at Ms World Universal. She was also a winner at Curves and Curls international, a brand ambassador for WOW, Mrs. Asia International, Mrs. Glamour Quarantine Queen, Mrs. Confidence Face Of India, and runner up at Mrs. India Australia.

Her motto in life is to inspire women struggling with insecurities, body image issues, trauma, and mental health issues to embrace themselves and feel confident about themselves. Dee says, “I have been through it all, and if I can do it, so can you”.

Dee aims to promote-diversity, inclusivity and equal representation of women from ethnic backgrounds in the Australian fashion industry.

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