I risk my life for Australians but your rules don’t allow me visit my mother: An Open letter to PM Morrison

Sir, I get bruises on my nose and ears due to mask and other PPE I wear for my 8-10 hours shift but my mother tells me over phone, "Do everything to help your chosen country Australia to be proud of you."

This open letter is written by an international student who is away from his family hasn’t seen them for years because of this situation and border closure.

He requests PM Scott Morrison to treat temporary residents with the same rules as Australian citizens and permanent residents.

“Dear PM Scott Morrison Sir,
Do you care about an international student from India who is studying for 3 days and working the rest of the week vaccinating at the Royal Exhibition Building, Melbourne to make the Australian community safe and help people on the way to their freedom?

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Yes, I am talking about myself, my name is Ujjwal. I am an international student who hasn’t seen his mum for 3 years now.
I am literally in tears writing this letter to you. Let me tell you what I do. My work is as an Enrolled Nurse Vaccinator at ***** Hospital, Melbourne helping in the COVID-19 clinic.

In the last few months, I have looked after so many people and interacted with them while vaccinating duties.

There are many people with multiple perspectives.
Some drive me crazy when they say “throw the vaccine in the bin and update it in the system that you jabbed me.” Due to coronavirus circumstances, many people are mentally unwell as they share their stories with me.

At certain points, I also struggle with my mental health and consult with internal support persons. I am fully vaccinated and doing my part to help Australia in vaccinating community.

However, Respected Prime Minister sir, you made a statement that from 1st November all fully vaccinated Australian citizens and permanent residents can travel anywhere in the world. What about temporary visa holders? Are we more prone to coronavirus than Australian citizens or permanent residents?

Why this discriminatory treatment to us?

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I don’t think this is fair to a person who is working with no days off to help everyone to be safe and take them towards freedom from lockdowns.

“I also have family like citizens and permanent residents. I also have feelings for them. I am speechless now I don’t know, I can’t continue writing this as I am crying now.”

Sir, I get bruises on my nose and ears due to the mask and other PPE I wear for my 8-10 hours shift. I don’t mind these bruises and tell myself I am a healthy soldier and they are my badge of honor.

My mother who lives in a small village in India tells me over the phone, “Do everything to help your chosen country Australia to be proud of you.”

But, It looks like you are still not satisfied with our hard work or you just don’t care about us.

As I am in this situation so many other people are as well. That’s why I want to make all anti-vaxxers and protesters think about the health staff and families of those who suffered from this situation.

I want to say to them that there is NO CHOICE, you must be vaccinated to secure your jobs and to go out. DO NOT DELAY IT you need it today or tomorrow. Please understand, no matter what you need vaccines to be safe and free.

I urge each and every eligible Australian to get vaccinated as soon as possible do not delay and do not worry about side effects as COVID is worse than side effects.

And think about health care workers like me, if you just want freedom then we temporary Visa holders also want the same to see our mother and father. It will only happen when everyone is vaccinated.

I request everyone with my folded hands and the last word I would say is “LET’S GET IT DONE”

Nurse, on a temporary visa