“How good is Australia!”: Outgoing PM Scott Morrison says goodbye

Scott Morrison has congratulated the Prime Minister-elect Anthony Albanese and the Labor Party for their victory.

Following a crushing defeat, the outgoing Prime Minister Scott Morrison confirmed that he would be stepping down as leader of the Liberal Party.

Mr Morrison has posted a goodbye message on his Facebook page:

“It has been an immense privilege to serve as Prime Minister, especially during a time of great trial for our nation. We are blessed to live in such a great country. The resilience and strength of Australians supported by our policies, has ensured that we have been able to prevail as a nation in difficult times. How good is Australia!

I wish Mr Albanese and his government all the best for what will be further challenging times ahead.To all our Liberal and Nationals supporters I say thank you. Our Parties will reflect and rebuild. To my colleagues who will not be rejoining the Parliament I thank you for your service to our country. You can be very proud of what you achieved for your community and what we achieved together for our nation.

We have handed over Government with a stronger economy, restored borders, a more secure nation and having guaranteed the essential services Australians have relied on.

I am now looking forward to returning to the Shire, my family and continuing to serve my local community. For me life has always been about faith, family, friends and community. We are not our jobs but who we are as unique individuals, (in my view), loved by God.

Jenny and I thank Australia for the honour to have served. I thank my family, friends and colleagues for all their support, especially my dearest friend Josh Frydenberg.

God Bless,


Today morning, while addressing a Horizon Church service Mr Morrison also became a bit emotional.

“It has been a very difficult walk, I have got to tell you, over the last four years.”

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While Mr Morrison has given up the Liberal party leadership, he has suggested that he would remain in politics after being re-elected in Cook.

“On a night like tonight it is appropriate to acknowledge the functioning of our democracy.”

Mr Morrison has congratulated the Prime Minister-elect Anthony Albanese and the Labor Party for their victory.

Scott Morrison and Anthony Albanese; Image Source: The Australia Today

Mr Albanese and his senior leadership team will be sworn in on Monday.