Hindu Council of Australia releases a video to celebrate Australia Day!

India and Australia both celebrate 26 January as their national day.

Hindu Council of Australia’s Victoria chapter head Makrand Bhagwat told The Australia Today, “Australia is home to over half a million Hindus who continue to contribute their talents and skills to this country. Hinduism is the fastest-growing faith now in Australia. So here it is, a glimpse of the Hindu Community and their wishes to a Happy Australia Day.”

Dr Ruchika Gupta is a dentist in Melbourne. She is also part of this video initiative by HCA.

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Ruchika says, “Australian Hindu community is one of the most vibrant ethnic groups. We celebrate Australia day by understanding, exchanging, conversing, and learning different ideas and our differences.” 

Mr. Bhagwat said, “In its various cultures, ethnicities, religions, and in its various art forms, Australia around us gives us plenty to celebrate, so we must celebrate our diversity.”

Karthik Arasu is president of Australia India Sports Council.

He says, “Celebration finds itself in smiles. Passing on those smiles to everyone we know, learning what that same smile could mean to a person who comes from a background different from our own.”