Geelong taxi driver Lovepreet Sharma helping lockdown community in a unique way

"If you are struggling, don't be shy," says Lovepreet Sharma

Four Geelong taxi drivers have come up with the idea to help others during the ongoing lockdown and that too is free of charge!

These taxi drivers have lost work as fewer people need a taxi to get places.

However, they have been offering a free delivery service to vulnerable people who are unable to leave their homes.

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34-year-old Lovepreet Sharma told the ABC that he was talking to an elderly customer whose family lived an hour away in Melbourne.

She mentioned that what worried her the most was how she would get through the ‘stay-at-home period.’

Lovepreet, popularly known as Harry, says:

“That’s why we thought it would be a good time to do this service and help people out. So that’s when I thought, maybe there’s a lot more people like that who may be needing help.”

Lovepreet discussed the idea of helping others with his three friends.

He asked them if it was possible that they could do free deliveries for vulnerable people in the area.

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Image source: Lovepreet Sharma – Facebook

The four taxi drivers pick up and drop off, collect orders, deliver medication and groceries, etc without charging anything.

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Not just the elderly, Lovepreet and his friends have been contacted by local charities to organise the delivery and collection of donated goods.

Lovepreet who has no plans to stop the good work that the friends have started adds:

“We are also happy to supply some food if you are in need. If you are struggling, don’t be shy, now is the time for helping each other.”