From a tiny village in India to MBA in Australia: Gurwinder’s amazing journey  

She joked that she would buy anyone lunch if they could find her tiny village on Google maps.

Gurwinder Kaur who recently graduated with an MBA from Torrens University Australia shared her academic story with fellow graduates.

In her speech, she recalled her amazing experience of travelling from a small village in India to becoming an international student in Australia.

Gurwinder expressed how this had been a moment that she had been waiting for her whole life but was at loss of words.

“In this celebrated moment, it is my emotions, nervousness and overwhelming attachment to the university that have taken the driving seat.”

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Gurwinder said her father “broke every rule” for her. She recalled how she fought really hard to defy societal expectations. She also remembered a very apt advice given to her by one of the lecturers:

“Throw history out of the window if it is not working for you.”

Gurwinder was the first girl from her family to attend a convent school, to study abroad, and to work so far away from her village in India. Further, she recalled studying during COVID-19 pandemic:

“From the very first day, it has been a rollercoaster ride for me. It was fun, it was challenging, and it was, indeed, a learning experience like no other.”

Gurwinder felt grateful to her new friends and teachers who shared their experiences and helped her learn.

“In and out of the classroom, in the cafeteria, over conversations and chats, through arguments as well as through agreements, we learned, we enjoyed, we lived an experience of a lifetime.”

Jim Varghese AM - Image source: Facebook - Torrens University.
Image source: Jim Varghese AM – Facebook – Torrens University.

Jim Varghese AM, the Chancellor of Torrens University Australia, applauded both Gurwinder and her mentors for this inspiring achievement.

“This a very inspiring story about Gurwinder who just graduated with her MBA from Torrens University. I also applaud Professor Deepa Matthews for her teaching and mentoring of Gurwinder.”

She acknowledged that for many people who choose to study their MBA, this is just a stepping stone to greater career opportunities.

“Learning is not limited to our mark sheets or certificates. It is part of our decision-making process in all spheres of life. I have lived my dream during the last 24 months (about 2 years) of my life, and I can vouch for our classmates that they have lived their dreams as well.”

Gurwinder is excited to begin a new chapter of her life in the next stage of her journey in Australia.

“And who knows, maybe some of us here today could become the next generation of lecturers who are helping other girls from tiny villages on the other side of the world realise their potential.”

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Gurwinder thanked her husband for paying the university fees and joked that she would buy anyone lunch if they could find her tiny village on Google maps.