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Find out what is Hindu Religion in Australia – Its Roots and Growth

How should we put the roots of the Hindu religion in Australia and keep our connections with its diverse traditions?

Hindu Council of Australia (HCA) and its affiliated organisations are hosting a conference on July 3rd in Sydney with the theme Hindu Religion in Australia – Its Roots and Growth.

Academics and Hindu scholars will present their research exploring the roots of the Hindu religion in Australia and its growth. As the foundations of the Hindu religion is old, but its practical aspects are adopted according to the country and region.

The future and the growth of the Hindu religion in Australia depends on the original thoughts conceived and developed by the Hindus in Australia. This conference will share the ideas and indication of their future growth by the Hindu scholars in Australia.

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This conference will focus on the ideas, challenges, insights, and opportunities for Hindus in Australia. This will be a good opportunity to develop and share religious ideas with the wider Hindu community of Australia.

The topics such as Hindu rituals, studies of scriptures in schools and universities, yoga minus its Hindu roots, issues related to discrimination against Hindus in Australia and Hinduphobia, international network and its attack on the phantom Hindu “right”.

HCA President Prakash Mehta with Anthony Albanese – Leader of Opposition (pic supplied by HCA)

The misconceptions in Australian media and attack on Hindus, Hindu religion and its interaction with Aboriginal practices, the importance of Sanskrit for Hindus in Australia, the relevance of strong Hindu missions in India for Australia, Hindu religion and physical sciences, display of Hindu religious symbols in public, the central role of women, and countering the colonial caste narratives will be discussed in length.

Hindu Council of Australia (HCA) is a national body working for Australian Hindus with a mission to preserve and promote Hindu religion and culture in harmony with other religious and cultural communities in the country.

Anzac Day Service Organised by HCA (Pic source – HCA)
Anzac Day Service Organised by HCA (Pic source – HCA)
Anzac Day Service Organised by HCA (Pic source – HCA)
Anzac Day Service Organised by HCA (Pic source – HCA)

Hindus have been arriving in Australia for more than 225 years along with British fleets leaving from Indian ports. There are some ancient historical links of people arriving from India to the top north of Australia for 4000 years.

Hindu community has been part of building a new Australia. In the last 30 years, our community has been the biggest source of skilled migrants in IT, which is the basis of modernization of all areas of public service, health, and financial services.

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Deepavali celebrations in Sydney organised by HCA (Pic source – HCA)

ABS 2016 Census clearly shows that Hinduism is one of the fastest growing religion in Australia and at present there are estimated 700,000 Australians who identify as Hindu.

Please go to following link to register for the conference.


Conference Date and Time
9 am – 5 pm Saturday 3 July 2021

2 Australia Ave
Sydney Olympic Park NSW 2127

Contacts: Himanshu Pota
Email: conference@hinducouncil.com.au