Fashions of multicultural Australia rock Sydney  

Fabrics of Multicultural Australia (FOMA) 2023 bought together an array of culturally diverse people, working in the artistic world of design and fashion.

In a glamorous and glittering celebration of Australia’s diversity, local and international fashion designers displayed their beautiful creations on the runway at the Powerhouse Museum in Sydney hosted by Fabrics of Multicultural Australia (FOMA).

Supported by In Country Partner Fiji Consulate General and Trade Commission and Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade, the 2023 reiteration of the FOMA platform aims to stimulate economic growth for the creative sector and generate bilateral trading opportunities while fostering social cohesion.

With nearly 1,000 people in attendance across the two events, Australia’s premier cultural institution, the Powerhouse Museum was proud to witness one of the most diverse engagements of foreign governments, local and international artists.

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Runway show at FOMA 2023

The Artistic and Cultural Exhibits showcasing their diverse diasporas included The Fiji Consulate General and Trade Commission with their Bula Premium Kava Tasting, The Embassy of the Kingdom of Morocco with their Moroccan Tea Tasting, The Embassy of El Salvador in Australia, and The Embassy of Israel in Australia with plenty of giveaways.

5 local and 5 leading international designers showcased brand and identity through the visual arts lens. Throughout the museum, the Powerhouse came alive through visual artistry with a giant floor to ceiling projection of all Exhibitors and Designers; and a short film in the King Cinema showing FOMA 2023 and in-country partner Fiji Consulate General and Trade Commission country highlights.

Participating Local and International Artists and Designers across Exhibit and Fashion Runway include Danielle Mate, Indigenous Brand Ambassador and Cultural Partner, Elaradi FIJI, Holyland Civilians, Hupfeld Evers Hoerder, JAVAD, Kis-Simba, LavaLani Designs, My Paloma, NAROK Designs, Pooja’s Couture, SMODA, Sugarose and Tracey Anne Farrington known for her famous Bondi Beach Bag Co brand.

Runway Show at FOMA 2023

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FOMA 2023 bought together an array of culturally diverse people, those interested in the artistic world of design, fashion leaders, and those simply there to view multiculturism at its best, and experience everything the Powerhouse had to offer.

Heartwarming performances at FOMA 2023

Present on the night, Lisa Havilah, CEO, Museum of Applied Arts and Sciences (MAAS), Sydney said,

‘The Powerhouse is proud to extend its support to Fabrics of Multicultural Australia (FOMA) and their ongoing efforts to celebrate excellence in fashion while supporting cultural expression.”

“Working in the intersection between design, industry, and cultural heritage, FOMA provides an unparalleled opportunity to present the talent, innovation, and cultural richness of a diversity of Australian communities.’

Lisa Havilah at FOMA 2023

Participating Embassies and their diverse diasporas included The Fiji Consulate General and Trade Commission, The Embassy of the Kingdom of Morocco, The Embassy of El Salvador in Australia, The Embassy of Israel in Australia.

Speaking at the official In-country partnership announcement of the Fiji Consulate
General and Trade Commission with FOMA, Daniel Stow, Trade Commissioner reiterated,

‘The Fijian apparel and fashion industry has a rich heritage, with several fashion brands being sold & marketed all over the world. Fiji is home to many leading designers producing quality garments that we thrilled to showcase as part of this year’s FOMA Exhibit and Runway.”

“Many school uniforms, workwear, and sporting jerseys (AFL & NRL) found in Australia are manufactured in Fiji – one of the economy’s most thriving sectors with well-established, first-class infrastructure. As the transportation and manufacturing hub of the Pacific, Fiji is positioned to share its rich trading culture through platforms like FOMA, that provide the opportunity to further strengthen economic activity through its network.’

Daniel Stow at FOMA 2023

FOMA was established in 2018 by entrepreneur Sonia Sadiq Gandhi, Chief Executive of multi-award-winning events enterprise, Gandhi Creations, to promote the diversity of our Australian creative industries sector, whilst providing an opportunity to connect international brands who are looking to invest and grow in the Australian market.

Sonia Sadiq Gandhi at FOMA 2023

In 2023, FOMA, across a 12-month period will present 16 runway shows, empower 45 brands, showcase 400 looks, while presenting works of two First Nations designers, across various councils and cultural institutions, making it a very agile business platform.

Lisa Havilah with Nimeesha Gupta (wife of CGI Sydney Manish Gupta)

The Faces of FOMA is another ground-breaking concept in Australia. Representing over 33 diverse cultures across the program, showcasing Australia’s diversity in beauty.