Extremists intimidate Hindu Society of Queensland’s Gayatri Mandir: Raise ‘Khalistan Zindabad’ slogans or…

"Violence towards religious place is biggest crime and we as Hindus should be able to practice our religion without fear."

By Jai Bharadwaj and Amit Sarwal

President and Vice President of Brisbane’s Gayatri Mandir (Hindu Temple) have received intimidating calls from Khalistan extremists.

A Khalistani goon who identified himself as ‘Guruawadesh Singh’ called President Dr Jai Ram at 11.30 am and Vice President Dharmesh Prasad at 9.30 am on Friday 17 February.

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The goon intimidated him to raise ‘Khalistan Zindabad’ slogans and ordered that you Hindus should support (bogus) ‘Khalistan Referendum.’

The Khalistan extremist claimed that he was calling from “Nankana Sahib in Lahore, Pakistan”.

He threatened:

“I have a message in relation to Khalistan … if you plan to celebrate Maha shivratri on 19 February … then ask the priest to support Khalistan … raise ‘Khalistan Zindabad’ slogans five times during your event … now show me how you will raise this slogan.”

Nankana Sahib, a district in Punjab province of Pakistan, is the birthplace of Guru Nanak, the founder of Sikhism. Interestingly, this holy place for Sikhs is missing from the map of Khalistan as proposed by the banned organisation Sikhs for Justice (SFJ).

The Khalistan extremist sitting in Lahore went on to say that Dr Jai Ram should tell the priest of Gayatri Mandir (PT Suresh C. Shandil) to support Khalistan Referendum.

He added:

“Ask the members of your congregation to support Khalistan Referendum on 19 March.”

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Further, In a separate call to Temple’s Vice President Mr Dharmesh Prasad Khalistani extremist threatened to send his men from Melbourne to make sure that the Hindu devotes of Gayatri Mandir support Khalistan.

“It’s a shame we live in one of the best country in the world however being intimidated by these rouge elements. Our government has to come a protect may that be state or federal government.”

Dharmesh Prasad told The Australia Today, “Violence towards religious place is biggest crime and we as Hindus should be able to practice our religion without fear.”

“Queensland Police refused to take our complain, the police officer told me we don’t have manpower for all this.”

just to put things into perspective Australian Hindu community is one of the highest taxpayers in the country, however their safety is not Queensland Police’s concern.

Temple’s Public relation officer Neelima told The Australia Today that she also recived several calls from an American number ( )at from 8.30 am onwards.

“We have notified authorities about these intimidating calls, and we really worried about the safety of our patrons, devotes and volunteers,”

said Neelima.

The Hindu Society of Queensland (HSQ) was founded in 1992 by former residents of the Fiji Islands as a place of worship for Hindus. HSQ is the first organisation that was formed to meet the needs of Hindus in Australia to promote Hindu culture, education in Hindu philosophy, and classical languages among the community by being inclusive and supportive of friendship, respect, peace, and tolerance. 

Gayatri Mandir – Facebook.

Most recently, Kali Mata Mandir (Hindu Temple) in Melbourne’s northern suburb of Craigieburn has also received a threatening call to cancel a bhajan and puja event or face consequence.

The Indian-Australian community is still recovering from the events where three of its most iconic Hindu temples outside the Indian subcontinent were vandalised with anti-Hindu graffiti by Khalistani extremists.

The Australia Today has also revealed how Khalistan supporters recorded videos of their despicable and disrespectful act at the Hindu temples especially BAPS Swaminarayan Mandir and sahred it via social media accounts.

Khalistan supporters have allegedly written praises of an Indian terrorist Bhindrawale on the walls of all the Hindu temples. Bhindrawale was responsible for killing more than twenty thousand Hindus and Sikhs.

India was rocked by Khalistan terrorism through the 1980s with thousands of innocent Hindus and Sikhs killed in Punjab by Khalistani terrorists who were allegedly supported by Pakistan’s intelligence agency the ISI.

These Khalistani terrorists wanted a separate state for the Sikhs carved out only from Indian Punjab leaving no one in doubt about who was pulling the strings. While Khalistan terrorism was brought to an end by India within its territory almost thirty years ago, some groups of Khalistani separatists and their supporters have remained active in some western countries allegedly with support from Pakistan’s spy agency ISI.

In one of the deadliest terror attacks in aviation history before 9/11, 329 people were killed by Khalistani terrorists on Air India flight 182 which was flying from Montreal to Mumbai via London and New Delhi on this very day 37 years ago.

The terrorists planted a bomb on the flight which blew up mid-air while flying from Montreal to London killing everyone on board. Among those killed were 268 Canadian citizens, 27 British citizens and 24 Indian citizens.

Countries like the US and Canada have already deemed Khalistani separatist groups like the Babbar Khalsa International and International Sikh Youth Federation (ISYF) as terrorist organisations.

Note: The Australia Today has connected multiple stakeholders for comments, we will update the story as it happens.