“Contribution of Australian Indians to this country has been absolutely unprecedented”: Minister Michelle Rowland

Prime Minister Anthony Albanese and his government will seek closer ties with India across the spectrum, says Federal Minister for Communications, Michelle Rowland.

In an exclusive interview with The Australia Today Federal Minister for Communications, Michelle Rowalnd spoke about the Indian-Australian community and Australia India relations.

Speaking about the contribution of the community Ms Rowland said,

“The entrepreneurial spirit that Indian Australians have brought to this country really has shaped who we are today. On behalf of the Government of Australia and I think all of the Australian people I thank you so much”.

Ms Rowland told The Australia Today’s Editor Pallavi Jain that Australia and India share many great values and that Australia India relationship is funadmental.

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Ms Rowland added that Prime Minister Anthony Albanese has made it very clear the importance that he sees of the Australia and India relationship as a whole.

“I am very certain that under the leadership of Prime Minister Anthony Albanese and his government we will seek closer ties in every aspect from Communications in my portfolio to foreign affairs to trade, right across the spectrum”.

“I doubt that we would have such strong ties with India if it were not for the diaspora here in Australia and the mutual respect we show to one another and that is reflected in the policies of this Government and will continue to be so”, said Ms Rolwnad highlighting the role of the Indian-Australian community in fostering the relationship between the two countries.