Celebrity Indian nutritionist’s guide to superfoods from Vedas and Upanishads

Celebrity Indian nutritionist, Munmun Ganeriwal, is the author of 'Yuktahaar: The Belly and Brain Diet'

Munmun Ganeriwal is an award-winning nutritionist and celebrated lifestyle consultant based in Mumbai. She is also the author of ‘Yuktahaar: The Belly and Brain Diet’.

She has worked as a Nutrition and Exercise Consultant with a diverse set of clients from all walks of life, of all age groups, varying fitness levels and varying medical histories.

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Munmun combines traditional Indian foods, ancient Indian yogic practices and Ayurveda principles with gut microbiota study to understand and fight obesity and other diseases. She says her holistic philosophy on food and wellness is deeply rooted on our ancient wisdom, yet it is action-oriented to suit the needs and requirements of the people of today.

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Munmun, in fact, left engineering to become a nutritionist to follow her passion.

She told The Australia Today’s editor Pallavi Jain, that cooking food was very important on an everyday basis but at the same time it should not be the responsibility of just one person at home to do so. Catch the full interview with Munmun here: