‘Ayothi’ – A film full of human values, touching emotions

‘Ayothi’ is a Tamil film but 70% dialogues are in Hindi. It is full of human values and touching emotions, is an astonishing creation in today’s artificial era.

By Sushma Shandilya

Ayothi’ is a beautiful Tamil film interpreting humanity brilliantly and depicting deep human sensibilities and emotions through effective writing. Director-turned-actor Sasikumar’s film is Manthira Murthy’s directorial debut. Released in March 2023, ‘Ayothi’ garnered appreciation from the audience and positive reviews from critics. All the actors have acted superbly in this riveting film. The paramount reason to watch the film is its exceptional story with genuine emotions, human values and excellent acting by Sasikumar, Yashpal Sharma and others. The film has a slow start but later picks up well with the emotional, impactful screenplay and with heart touching climax.

After watching ‘Ayothi’, superstar Rajnikanth tweeted, praising actor Sasikumar, director Manthira Murthy, producers and the team.

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The film received good response on social media from celebrities and fans which attracted the attention of other film industries of India. The makers of ‘Ayothi’ are planning a remake in Hindi and Telgu.

Produced by Ravindran under the banner of Trident Arts and directed by Manthira Murthy, it stars Sasikumar, Yashpal Sharma, Pugazh, Preethi Asrani, Bose Venkat and Master Advait Vinod in lead roles. Sasikumar has played the role of an ambulance driver while actor Yashpal Sharma is shown as a North Indian residing in Ayodhya, who travels with his family from Ayodhya to Rameshwaram.

‘Ayothi’ is a Tamil film but 70% dialogues are in Hindi. It is full of human values and touching emotions, is an astonishing creation in today’s artificial era. ‘Ayothi’ is inspired by a real incident that happened in 2012. The viewer travels through the story despite the dramatic approach but the film successfully leaves a lasting impression on the viewers. The makers have displayed issues like superstition and conservative outlook of men very well. The director has skillfully kept the plot simple, without introducing too many characters, events or subplots which is commendable.

In the beginning, Yashpal Sharma is shown informing his wife and two children that they will go on a pilgrimage to Rameshwaram on Diwali festival. Yashpal Sharma’s character is shown as religiously orthodox, rude, always angry, behaving cruelly with his wife, which is highly condemnable, due to which his wife and children are compelled to live in a fearful atmosphere. His daughter Shivani is a college student and younger son a school student. None of them have the slightest idea that due to an unexpected event their lives will forever change.

Sasikumar has played his part with utmost ease and proved that he is a highly talented actor. Manthira Murthy has set a beautiful journey for Sasikumar’s character as he knows very well what a real hero should be. Originally a comedian, Pugazh has done full justice to his role as Sasikumar’s friend. Priti Asrani, as Yashpal Sharma’s daughter, has excelled in delivering a realistic, effective performance. The director has used close-ups to highlight Preeti Asrani’s acting skills. ‘Master Advait Vinod’, has played the role of Yashpal Sharma’s younger son very well despite his young age.

Actor Yashpal Sharma has once again impressed with his stellar performance. He proves that any character can be portrayed effectively through effortless acting.

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Manthira Murthy’s beautiful craft has caught the attention of viewers and critics. The characters and dialogues are well crafted, keeping them as realistic as possible. Composer N.T. Raghunathan’s background score takes the emotional scenes to a different level, making the audience connect with the characters. Other technical aspects have also helped in keeping the audience engaged. The lack of major conflicts in the screenplay is made up for by deep, intense emotions that resonate with the audience. The involvement of South Indian audiences in the emotional journey of a North Indian family is a major point worth mentioning, which will be considered a rarity in Tamil cinema. In the end, the unexpected twist wins the hearts of the audience.

Contributing Author: Sushma ‘Shandilya’ is a well-known Hindi poet and writer based in Bhopal, Madhya Pradesh, India. Her short stories, articles and plays have been published in leading Indian publications. Sushma ‘Shandilya’ writes on various contemporary issues including themes around women empowerment. She is also a yoga teacher.

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