Australia’s Fiji Indian Community Rallies for Vishaal Maharaj’s Medical Recovery and Education

On April 10, 2024, tragedy stuck as Vishaal was involved in a grave car accident during his Doordash duties that left him with severe injuries, particularly to his right arm.

Australia’s Fiji Indian community has put an appeal on behalf of Vishaal Maharaj, a young international student who came here in pursuit of his dreams.

Originally from Fiji, Vishaal hails from a modest family and, driven by an unwavering passion for culinary arts, aspires to work in hospitality industry.

To pursue his aspirations he enrolled in a Certificate IV program in Kitchen Management at Page Institute.

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Balancing his academic pursuits with financial responsibilities, Vishaal embraced a role as a dasher delivering meals for Door-dash.

On April 10, 2024, tragedy occurred as Vishaal was involved in a grave car accident during his Door-dash duties that left him with severe injuries, particularly to his right arm.

In the hospital, Vishaal was face-to-face with the grim prospect of amputation. His community rallied to help save his arm, though ultimately, the functionality of his arm was significantly compromised.

Vishaal’s friend and organiser of the GoFundMe page, Shivneil Shandil said:

“The accident resulted in severe injuries, including serious damage to his right arm. I received a call to authorise amputation of his arm but we requested the doctors try their best to save his arm. Ultimately his forearm was saved, shortened by 80mm and losing functionality. At this stage it appears unlikely he will ever be able to return to his course and become a chef as Vishaal has lost functionality of his right arm.”

Despite this profound setback, Vishaal’s indomitable spirit endures, his resolve to surmount challenges serving as a beacon of inspiration.

Refusing to be deterred by his unforeseen tragedy, Vishaal remains resolute in his pursuit of education, contemplating alternative paths should his culinary aspirations become unattainable.

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As Vishaal embarks on the arduous road to recovery, his friends and well-wishers in the community have put a call for $50,000 in monetary support via GoFundMe.

Shivneil Shandil adds:

“Thank you for considering supporting Vishaal during this difficult time. Your kindness and generosity will make a meaningful difference in his life and empower him to continue pursuing his dreams with resilience and determination.”

Donations are sought to aid in covering his rehabilitation expenses, encompassing uninsured medical appointments, physiotherapy sessions, and additional support required during this trying period.

Furthermore, contributions will ease the financial strain on Vishaal as he persists in his studies at Page Institute, ensuring that despite the hurdles, he remains steadfast on the path to realising his educational and vocational ambitions.

In extending support to Vishaal, individuals are invited to play a pivotal role in his journey, offering not just financial assistance but also a profound message of solidarity and encouragement.

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