Australian supermarket’s ‘cultural insensitivity’: Samosa or Triangles what would you call it?

"Well, my question is tomorrow if they want to get a packed butter chicken what will they name it?"

Many shoppers have recently shared an image of a pack of Coles brand frozen Indian Style triangles on social media.

Coles’ Indian Style Triangles are vegetarian snacks that certainly look like the humble Indian samosa.

Image source: Facebook.

However, Australian shoppers were left clueless on social media as to why would Coles supermarket will give samosa a different name.

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Image source: Samosa – Wikipedia.

Many shoppers have openly laughed and expressed disapproval of Coles’ new product.

Om uploaded the photo of the snack pack on a popular Facebook page ‘Subtle Curry Traits’ and captioned it:

“Seriously Australia?”

One commenter even posted:

‘Boycott Coles for cultural insensitivity and ruining a product of heritage?’

Image source: Facebook.

Now, Coles has responded to growing backlash over the Indian-style Triangle.

Coles has confirmed to Channel 7 that the supermarket still sells Vegetable Samosa and that the new Indian Style Triangles is an addition to the range.

“Our traditional Coles Vegetable Samosa’s are so popular with our customers that when we decided to add a new flavour to the range, we chose to give them a different name so customers could tell them apart easily.”

The spokesperson added that the new variety includes jackfruit and are “definitely” samosa.

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Ravinder Sharma is the owner and chef at Indian Restaurant Food Punjabi.
He told The Australia Today, Samosa is an Indian snack and it should be treated as such.
“Well my question is tomorrow if they want to get a packed butter chicken what will they name it?”