Australian security agencies to crack down on illegal migrants at Federation Square Khalistan propaganda meet

SFJ organisers are promising temporary residents to support towards permanent residency if they agree to work for Khalistan propaganda.

29 January 2023 is going to be a very tense day for Indian Australians in Melbourne.

Lovepreet Kaur* (name changed on request) works at one of the shops around Federation Square in Melbourne’s heart.

Ms Kaur told The Australia Today, “I work on weekends just to earn extra money but this weekend I am not working because I am concerned about my safety.”

“Khalistan supporters came to my shop to put their Khalistan poster and flag when I refused they got angry.”

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“I am going to Geelong at my cousin’s place to keep away from whatever menace will happen on Sunday.”

“One of the elderly men amongst them pointed at my co-worker and said I should be ashamed of being a stooge of Hindus,”

said Ms Kaur.

“My parents who live in Jalandhar city of Indian state Punjab have told me these Khalistanis are very dangerous and will not hesitate from attacking,” added a terrified Lovepreet Kaur.

She is not alone to be opting not working this weekend at Federation square.

Ravi Prakash* an international student who works with a cleaning contractor has also notified his supervisor that he will not be able to do his shift.

Mr Prakash told The Australia Today,

“This money is very important for me as university starts next month and it will not be possible to work full-time, but you know safety is most important.”

The question really is, why are these young Indian Australians so scared of Khalistani supporters?

Sikhs for Justice which has been declared a terrorist organisation by the Indian government is trying to lure the Australian Sikh community to support its Khalistan propaganda. In the last 20 days, Khalistan supporters have attacked three important Hindu Temples in Melbourne with Hindu hate graffiti.

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A section of Hindu Victorians feels that Victoria Police and the Victorian government are soft-peddling these Khalistan supporters.

Mr Prakash says, “These Khalsitanis were playing open swords in front of the Indian Consulate on 26th January Indian Republic day, amusingly Victoria Police didn’t take any action against them.”

Khalistan supporters are now so emboldened because of no action against them that they have posted a video on social media of their vandalism of the ISKCON Temple.

Sarah L Gates, Director of Hindu Human Rights Australasia told The Australia Today, “Victoria Police require a broad-spectrum understanding of south Asian extremist actors.”

“This is increasingly important as south Asian migration flows increase due to indo-pacific partnership. A good starting point can be global terror data base for Victorian authorities,”

said Ms Gates.

“South Asian Diaspora communities must come forward and forge a relationship with Australian Authorities to better inform them of risk to social cohesion,” She added.

The Australia Today is given to understand that Sikh for Justice (SFJ) operators who have come from the USA, Canada and the UK have failed to draw wider support from the Victorian Sikh community despite running their propaganda via some charity organisations.

“SFJ operators have now sought support from regional NSW, Queensland and South Australian towns.”

A source very close to Khalistan propaganda organisers Mr Mann*(Name changed), told The Australia Today, “At least twenty buses are hired to ferry people from regional interstate towns to Federation Square Melbourne.”

“A number of illegal migrants whose visas have expired are coming to support Khalistan propaganda from regional Australian towns.”

These illegal paperless migrants work on farms and other regional businesses on cash-in-hand arrangements.

Mr Mann says, “SFJ organisers are promising them that they will be supported to get their legal resident status in Australia or Canada.”

The Australia Today can reveal that a ‘zoom session’ was organised at the request of SFJ organisers by two Australia-based migration agents, where promises of support towards residency were made if they agree to work for Khalistan propaganda.

“Imagine what happens when a $60,000 four-wheel drive is handed over to a man for free just to drive around with Khalistan flags and propaganda material.”

Mr Mann claims more than three dozen such vehicles have been purchased in the last 6 months to give away to the Khalistan workforce.

Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade spokesperson told The Australia Today, “

“Australia respects the right of individuals to freedom of expression and freedom of assembly, including engaging in peaceful protest. However, these rights do not extend to hate speech or incitement of violence. “

The Australia Today understands that after a strong statement by the Indian government about the secessionist activities of Khalistan supporters which led to attacks on Hindu Temples, Australian security authorities have had a detailed meeting where Home Affairs, AFP, DFAT, and Border force representatives were present.

A highly placed source who does not want to be named told The Australia Today, “We will crack down on anyone who tries to show disregard Australian laws.”

“Yes, any illegal/undocumented person will be dealt with by our standard protocol and will be subject to legal scrutiny whether they should be allowed to stay in the country or not.”

The Australia Today understand a group of Indian Australians have also notified the Victoria police that they will do a protest against ongoing Khalistan propaganda at Federation Square on Sunday 29 January.