21 June 2021 20:26

Australian PM Morrison and Indian PM Modi request people to look out for each other

Australian Prime Minister Scott Morrison issued a recorded message.

Happy New Year Australia!

“Australians have always been people who look out for each other and strive to do what’s right, who seek to advance together. 2020 showed us that once again in a whole new way. Even now our health workers and so many others are continuing to do this in response to the latest outbreaks and we thank them for their selfless efforts. In a period of unprecedented isolation, our spirit of mateship has been at work. We have once again found each other and turned to each other. Even though there are a lot more challenges ahead of us in 2021, I have confidence in my fellow Australians that we can respond to whatever continues to come our way. So thank you Australia and Happy New Year.”

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Indian Prime Minster Narendra Modi in his message to his country urged to work together to fight the challeges due to COVID19 pandemic.