Aren’t we master of “Jugad” even in Australia

Most of us would have memories of doing duty to protect mango, chili, lemon, and other fruit-vegetables when grandma or amma would make “Aachar'(pickle).

But, when in a city like Sydney you are working men/women busy with life but still want your sundried ‘red chilies’, what are your options?

Well, who so ever you are, we salute you, “What a idea sir/madam ji.”

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On his way to work Aluru Rahul found this beatutiful car parked with a nostalgic story.

Busy Australian life that to without domestic help of ‘bhaiya ji’ or ‘kamta bai’ is sometimes bit too much for Indian migrants.

However, as there is a saying Indians are the best ‘Jugadu’ people on the earth, This car tells us exactly that.

Social media was quick to make its own theories about the picture posted in one of the groups.

“This person is a real foodie, only want dried chili for some specific recipe.”

“Anti-theft system .. except the owner no one knows how to drive this car with chili smell.”

“Red chili ki to baat na karo…I once dropped a green chili in my car and it turned red over time. A friend found it when she sat in my car and thought I am a damn witch 😕

Sonika Prasad is chartared accountant with a multinational firm.

She says I am a successful and busy working woman with two young kids to look after, but I still want to give the same food experience to my family which I had growing up in India.

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“On weekends I cook all ‘Maharashtrian delicacies’, yes somtimes its hard to get few ingredients but we improvise.”

I am sure it must be a man who was told by his wife to get chili dried by the time she comes back from work, jokes Ms. Prasad.

Bhanu Murti runs his Real Estate business in Blacktown.

He says, I have done several ‘jugadu’ things when I am pressed with time and don’t want to say no to our family or friends.

“This person has taken the time management to the next level.”

Note: If you do have any “Jugadu” picture please send us on admin@theaustraliatoday.com.au