South Australia’s Skilled and Business Visa list released: Hurry, here is your chance to migrate to Australia!

With farmers protest gaining momentum in India, a move abroad to the greener pasture of Australia is now possible.

In 2020–21 the gross value of agricultural production in Australia is forecast to rise by 7% to $65 billion.

In 2018–19, the gross value of agricultural production in South Australia alone was $6.8 billion, which was 11 per cent of the total gross value of agricultural production in Australia ($60 billion).

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Note: The graph shows only data published by the ABS. Some values were not published by the ABS to ensure confidentiality. The “Other commodities” category includes the total value of commodities not published as well as those with small values.
Source: Australian Bureau of Statistics, cat. no. 7503.0, Value of agricultural commodities produced, Australia 2020

South Australia is in the southern central part of Australia and covers the most arid parts of Australia.

The state’s economy is dominated by the agricultural, manufacturing and mining industries.

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It has a total land area of 983,482 square kilometres. Thus making it the fourth-largest of Australia’s states and territories by area, and fifth largest by population.

ABS data indicate that in 2017–18 there were 9,010 farms in South Australia with an estimated value of agricultural operations of $40,000 or more. 

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South Australia’s Skilled and Business Migration program released on 5 February 2021 provides qualified migrants a pathway to living, working or establishing their business in South Australia through the support of State Nomination.

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The occupation list includes twenty types of Farmers and Farm Managers.

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In addition to this South Australia is also interested in inviting Specialist Managers, Hospitality, Retail & Service Managers, Arts & Media Professionals, Business, Human Resource & Marketing Professionals, Design, Engineering, Science & Transport Professionals, Education Professionals, Health Professionals, ICT Professionals, Legal, Social & Welfare Professionals, Engineering, ICT & Science Technicians, Automotive & Engineering Trades Workers, Construction Trades Workers, Electrotechnology & Telecommunications Trades Workers, Food Trades Workers, Skilled Animal & Horticultural Workers, Other Technicians & Trades Workers, Health & Welfare Support Workers, Protective Services Workers, Sports & Personal Service Workers, Office Managers & Program Administrators, Other Clerical and Administrative Workers, and Sales Representatives & Agents.

In the 2016 census, the five largest groups of overseas-born were from England (5.8%), India (1.6%), China (1.5%), Italy (1.1%) and Vietnam (0.9%).

Interested migrants can submit their applications for state nomination are submitted online through the Skilled & Business Migration portal.

For skilled migrants, state nomination can assist you to qualify for a skilled migration visa, providing additional points towards your subclass 190 or subclass 491 application.

Once the application is submitted, it is assessed by the Department of Home Affairs against a number of visa-specific requirements.

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