Aravind Adiga in race for Australia’s most prestigious literary prize

Each shortlisted author receives $5,000 and the winner gets $60,000 in prize money for the novel judged as being “of the highest literary merit” and which presents “Australian life in any of its phases.”

Amnesty, the fourth novel from Booker Prize winner Aravind Adiga, has been shortlisted for Australia’s most prestigious literary prize – Miles Franklin Award 2021.

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Adiga was born in Chennai, grew up in Mangalore and later the family migrated to Sydney in Australia. His debut novel, The White Tiger, won the 2008 Booker Prize and has been adapted into a Netflix original movie The White Tiger.

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Announced at the State Library of NSW, six novels by Australian writers that are deemed by the judges to be of high literary merit in representing “Australian life in any of its phases”.

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The Copyright Agency’s CEO, Adam Suckling, said,

“The Copyright Agency is once again proud to be showcasing the vibrant voices of some of the country’s newest and most talented authors. This year’s announcement was both live and streamed online as part of our ongoing support of, and investment in, Australia’s creative writing industry. The inclusion of the online event gives greater access to those who inspire and challenge our views of Australian life while widely celebrating the authors’ dedication in bringing these stories to life.”

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Adiga’s Amnesty is  a tale about a Sri Lankan man Danny (Dhananjaya Rajaratnam), a cleaner, living in Sydney. The status of this man is of an “illegal immigrant” who risks being exposed and deported after he becomes entangled in a murder investigation of a client.

Over the course of a single day Danny must fight with his conscience and decide if a person without rights still has responsibilities. Adiga manages to combine humour, satire, tragedy and a critique of contemporary Australia.

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Richard Neville, State Library of NSW Mitchell Librarian and Chair of the judging panel.  

“In various ways each of this year’s shortlisted books investigate destructive loss: of loved ones, freedom, self and the environment. There is, of course, beauty and joy to be found, and decency and hope, largely through the embrace of community but, as the shortlist reminds us, often community is no match for more powerful forces.”

Each shortlisted author receive $5,000 and the winner gets $60,000 in prize money for the novel judged as being “of the highest literary merit” and which presents “Australian life in any of its phases.”

The award will be announced tonight.

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For further information about the Miles Franklin Literary Award, visit http://www.milesfranklin.com.au/

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