Anjali and Aishwarya shine in Victorian Honour Roll of Women

Aishwarya Kansakar is a technology futurist while Anjali Shama is a passionate climate change activist.

Aishwarya Kansakar and Anjali Sharma have been inducted into the 2022 Victorian Honor Roll of Women.

This program celebrates the outstanding contributions made by Victorian women. it also acknowledges the many ways in which these women have made a lasting contribution to the state of Victoria.

Minister for Women Natalie Hutchins congratulated the 23 inductees at a Melbourne Arts Centre ceremony.

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She said in a statement:

Victoria is full of remarkable women who are leading the nation in their chosen fields and in their communities –these honours are about celebrating their achievements.”

This year’s inductees include emerging leaders on climate action, women leading through disaster and those working to support vulnerable communities.

Anjali Sharma (Image source: Twitter)

18-year-old Indian-origin Anjali Sharma, a high school student from Melbourne, is the youngest-ever inductee. She has been recognised for her work and passion for climate change, as well as her support for equality.

At the age of 16, Anjali was the lead litigant in a climate change class action against the federal government in the Australian Federal Court. She was also a finalist in the 2021 Children’s Climate Prize, an International prize for climate activism, based in Sweden.

Aishwarya Kansakar (image source: the University of Melbourne)

Aishwarya Kansakar, originally from Nepal, Aishwarya is a technology futurist and the Co-founder of Krillin Robotics Australia which uses smart robotics to enhance human wellbeing and efficiency. At the age of 20, Aishwarya launched her first startup and is a champion for inclusion and equal opportunity in technology. She also supports various initiatives related to young women and girls globally to enter and thrive in the technology industry. In 2021, Aishwarya was also awarded the Women in Digital National Rising Star Award.

Image source: Vivienne Nguyen, Victorian Multicultural Commission Chairperson (LinkedIn)

Congratulating all the inductees, Vivienne Nguyen, the Chairperson of the Victorian Multicultural Commission, said in a statement on Linkedin:

“The changes they made, the impact they’ve created and the legacy they leave behind, is stunningly stunning, at 18 with Anjali Sharma championing climate change, 70+ with Hatiz Yilmaz leading the 9 towers advocacy, being the voice for Iranian women and girls in Sahar Gholizadeh or bridging the connections between First Nations and multicultural communities with auntie Merle.”

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2022 Women’s Honour Roll inductees are Aunty Merle Miller, Elizabeth Adnams, Linda Thompson, Anjali Sharma, Dr Debra Parkinson, Shorna Moore, Dr Ngaire Elwood, Michal Morris, Kristine Pierce, Karen Milward, Hnin Yee Htun Win, Dr Sherene Loi, Commander Debra Robertson APM, Dr Anna Lavelle, Aishwarya Kansakar, Christine Welsh, Ann Smith, Dr Marilyn Fleer, Sahar Gholizadeh, Janice Valma Davey OAM – posthumous, Michelle Telfer, Hatice Yilmaz, and Joy Sawiche Juma.

Image source: Vivienne Nguyen, Victorian Multicultural Commission Chairperson (LinkedIn)

These inductees to the Honour Roll are recognised for their achievements in various fields, including science, arts, environment, law, social justice, family violence prevention, research, health, media, and education. 

More than 700 women from diverse backgrounds across the state have been named to the Honour Roll since it began in 2001.