An appeal to Biharis living in Australia

Bihar’s Chief Minister Nitish Kumar has appealed to Bihari entrepreneurs settled abroad.

Mr Kumar has offered a hassle-free experience if the diaspora chooses to set up a venture in their home state.

“You are like members of our family. If you choose to set up an industry here, you will be provided with all necessary assistance from our government. We will facilitate availability of land.” he said.

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Bihar Government has also released an appeal to this effect.

Chief Minister Nitish Kumar (Source: http://cm.bihar.gov.in/users/home.aspx)

Chief Minister Nitish Kumar briefed about this initiative while taking part in a webinar organized by BJANA (Bihar- Jharkhand Association of North America), as part of which he interacted with U.S.-based delegates with roots in the state.

“He (Mr Bill Gates) came and saw our efforts and, at a media interaction outside the state, expressed his profuse admiration.” Mr Kumar said.

The chief minister also updated the delegates about efforts in making local tourist spots safe and attractive.

“Please do plan a tour. We will be delighted to host you. You will return with memories to cherish,” Mr Kumar added.

The Chief Minister said that he believes in interacting with members of the Bihari diaspora. He values their contibution to the state since they brought with them a wealth of experience.

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“I would like to listen to your suggestions even when it might not be possible (for me) to take active part,” Mr Kumar said during the interaction.

GDP of Bihar (Source: http://cm.bihar.gov.in/users/home.aspx)

Mr Kumar highlighted the fact that despite progress made in the areas of health, education and infrastructure, the state still lagged behind in key industries.

“In Bihar, everything is available but what is lacking is industries. After speaking to all of you, I’m now convinced that you will be helping in industrialization of the state,” he said.

Mr Kumar informed the Bihari diaspora that more than 450 acre of land is available at 68 key locations in the state to be used for industrial growth.