Air Wing rescues missing 13-year-old school boy and his teacher from bushland

Air Wing tactical flight officers used the winch system to pluck them to safety.

The police Air Wing on Thursday rescued a boy and his teacher after they went missing during a school camp activity in Dunkeld.

The group of students and teachers set off for a walk about 9pm on Wednesday 31 May when the 13-year-old boy walked down an unfamiliar track off Wannon River Road and became disoriented.

The boy tried to find a fence-line in an attempt to return to the track but became further lost in the bush.

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A quick-thinking teacher followed after the sound of the boy’s voice before eventually locating him unharmed.

Both however became stranded in the dense terrain.

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Victoria Police Air Wing

Local police were notified of the incident just before midnight and called the police Air Wing to assist.

Air Wing Inspector Kelly Walker said in a statement:

“Both the man and the boy were very grateful when they saw the police helicopter hovering above them. Although unfortunate they got lost, sticking together was the right thing to do. Doing so made it easier for us to find them and bring them to safety. It’s a good day for the Air Wing when we’re able to support our regional colleagues and community.”

The helicopter scoured the area before locating the pair in bushland about 3.30am.

Air Wing tactical flight officers used the winch system to pluck them to safety.

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Both were uninjured but were checked over by paramedics as a precaution.

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