AI-powered quality control: Jidoka Tech and Emertel collaborate to transform manufacturing in Australia

The partnership brings in innovative technologies, including deep learning algorithms and advanced image augmentation among others.

Jidoka Technologies, a leader in the automated cognitive inspection space, has taken a bold step towards expanding its international reach by venturing into the Australian and New Zealand markets.

This strategic move is facilitated through a partnership with Emertel Indo-Pacific, a prominent B2B Go-To-Market (GTM) acceleration company based in Melbourne. The alliance is poised to revolutionise quality control in manufacturing across these regions, showcasing Jidoka’s commitment to global expansion and Emertel’s GTM prowess.

By providing AI-driven quality inspection solutions, Jidoka Technologies addresses the subjective nature of visual quality assessment in manufacturing. Their solutions, powered by artificial intelligence, enhance the accuracy and consistency of quality inspections at impressive speeds.

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The collaboration with Emertel Indo-Pacific means that Jidoka’s innovative technologies, including deep learning algorithms and advanced image augmentation, will now support the manufacturing sector in Australia and New Zealand, enhancing efficiency and productivity.

The CEO and Co-founder of Jidoka Technologies, Sekar Udayamurthy, expressed delight over the partnership, emphasising the potential impact of their solutions on the ANZ region’s manufacturing landscape.

“We are indeed delighted to announce our partnership with Emertel Indo-Pacific and expansion into the Australian and New Zealand markets.” 

“Our AI-driven quality inspection solutions are leveraged across the manufacturing sector in other regions across the globe and we look forward to bringing these innovative solutions to the benefit of the manufacturers in the ANZ region as well,” 

said Mr Udayamurthy.

He further added, “We are confident these customised solutions will maximize value creation on the shopfloors for manufacturers in Australia and New Zealand and build a strong presence in the region.”

AI-powered quality control manufacturing1; Image Source CANVA
AI-powered quality control manufacturing1; Image Source CANVA

Udayamurthy’s optimism is mirrored by Sundar Iyer, Managing Director of Emertel Indo-Pacific, who regards Jidoka’s technologies as transformative for the efficiency of automated cognitive inspection in the manufacturing domain.

“Australian and New Zealand manufacturers, across verticals, are seeking to leverage the power of AI and automation to eliminate waste and enhance safety. 

We are pleased to apply Emertel’s growth enablement and execution expertise to help Jidoka accelerate their market traction in the region, commencing with market testing and localisation with early adopters.”

With an already established global presence, Jidoka Technologies brings to the table cutting-edge solutions that have been adopted in various industries, including automotive, FMCG, pharmaceuticals, and electronics, to name a few. The company’s technological prowess is evident in its ability to handle over 10,000 inferences per minute, a testament to its scalable architecture.

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Image Source: Handout/ Supplied

On the other side of the partnership, Emertel stands as a gateway for innovative scale-ups from the United States, Israel, India, and the European Union aiming to penetrate the Indo-Pacific market. Their expertise in GTM acceleration is crucial for Jidoka’s successful introduction to the manufacturing sectors of Australia and New Zealand.

As manufacturers in these countries continuously strive for excellence, the demand for advanced quality inspection solutions has surged. Jidoka and Emertel’s joint efforts will cater to this demand by offering solutions that promise over 99% accuracy for cognitive quality inspection. Moreover, the technology reduces the defect detection rate and minimises false positives, thereby bolstering the overall efficiency of the quality inspection process.

Jidoka Technologies, founded in 2018 by technology leaders Sekar Udayamurthy, Dr. Krishna Iyengar, and Vinodh Venkatesan, has emerged as a notable entity in automated cognitive inspection. The company is also recognised as one of the three winners in Cohort 7 of the Maruti Suzuki MAIL (Mobility and Automobile Innovation Lab) Program for startups. Beyond India, Jidoka has made strides in Europe and inaugurated its operations in the United States, with an ‘Experience Center’ in Dallas.

Emertel, founded by emerging technology commercialisation expert Sundar Iyer in 2016, brings over 250 years of collective experience in B2B commercialisation, covering product, market, and business development.

AI-powered quality control manufacturing; Image Source CANVA
AI-powered quality control manufacturing; Image Source CANVA

The company’s approach prioritises learning, relationships, and the creation of shared value for all stakeholders, operating from a strong base in Melbourne, Australia.

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