AFP launches new technology platform to manage investigations into the next decade

AFP Assistant Commissioner Nigel Ryan said that under the AFP's Capability Framework, delivering the IMS is a top priority for the organisation.

The AFP has launched a modern technology platform aimed at providing investigators with a contemporary and fully scalable system for managing investigations into the next decade.

In 2018, the AFP approached the market to find a solution to manage its extensive investigative activities for the next 10-15 years that is required to:

  • Manage offences associated with an investigation
  • Record and collate information that may be used as evidence
  • Author, prepare and manage evidence collection capabilities and capacities, briefs of evidence and other related documents tailored to the relevant jurisdiction in which the AFP is operating
  • Manage an investigation throughout the investigation lifecycle
  • Utilise the AFP’s existing and planned future enterprise capabilities
  • Deliver a high level of usability
  • Innovatively solve business problems
  • Adhere to AFP security policies and requirements.

In 2020, the AFP commenced developing the Investigations Management Solution (IMS) in partnership with the SAS Institute. On 4 April 2023, the AFP launched a fully operational IMS for its workforce.

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AFP Assistant Commissioner Nigel Ryan said that under the AFP’s Capability Framework, delivering the IMS is a top priority for the organisation.

“The IMS supports Commissioner Reece Kershaw’s intent to support the frontline, reduce red tape, and enhance partnerships with our Commonwealth, State and Territory law enforcement and security partners,” Assistant Commissioner Ryan said

“It will enable AFP investigators to manage their investigations on a single platform, from receipt of a report or request through to generation of a brief of evidence and the finalisation of the investigation process.

 “The IMS is a system that is robust and underpins the next generation of investigations case management capability; one that reflects the AFP Investigations Doctrine, investigation standards and current practices,” he said.

“From the outset, it has been paramount to have a technology platform that supports contemporary investigators needs, from community policing to child exploitation, terrorism, criminal assets confiscation and complex, transnational, serious and organised crime.

“It also demonstrates the AFP as a leader in developing unique capabilities and exploiting advanced technology to support Australia’s national interests. To put it simply, we have built a platform that will contribute to the safety and protection of all Australians,” Assistant Commissioner Ryan said.