Adelaide’s Medical Sciences student, Shrutika Mane crowned Miss India Australia 2020

Shrutika Mane, 20 years student of Bachelor of Health and Medical Sciences (Advanced) at the University of Adelaide has been announced as the Raj Suri Miss India Australia 2020 winner. 

Shrutika BW Miss India Australia 2020 1

Born in the UK and brought up in India and Australia, Shrutika has a unique understanding of people and cultures from across the globe. In addition to English, Shrutika can speak Hindi and Marathi. A National Award-winning debater, aspiring actor and dancer, and selected TEDx speaker all by the age of 20.

Due to Covid 19, the 2020 Miss India Australia winner and the 7 finalists were selected via online auditions and interview process on the basis of their overall personality and talent performances with real casting experience and group training and mentoring session by Australian Indian talent mentor Raj Suri.

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Raj Suri Miss India Australia 2020 Online Session 1 2

Miss India Australia 2020 will officially represent Australia in the 29th Miss India Australia Worldwide 2021 week at The Lalit Hotel, Mumbai, India in October 2021 (subject to covid restrictions at the time).  The grand finale is on Sunday, 3 October 2021 in the same hotel in Mumbai.

Indian entertainment industry professionals are expected to attend including many Bollywood celebrities.

Also representing at the same time will be the 4th Mrs India Worldwide 2020.

The Mrs India Worldwide Australia 2020 was taken out by Mrs Anumeha Tomar, 29 years old post graduate in management and a working professional and content creator from Melbourne.

Anumeha Tomar Mrs India Australia 2020 3

The 7 Miss India Australia 2020 Finalists, represented from around Australia are: RABIA Gill (NSW), RADHE Bavada – (NSW) AMANDA Shalau (NSW), NANSITA Charan (NSW), SHRUTIKA Mane  (SA ), RADHIKA Botre (NSW),  KIRTHI Dodla  (VIC)

The Miss India Australia 2020 finalists showcased their talent ranging from dancing and public speaking.

The Miss India Australia 2020 titles announced are:

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SHRUTIKA MANE – Miss India Australia 2020 

RADHE BAVADA – Miss India Australia 2020 Photogenic and Best Talent 

RABIA GILL – Miss India Australia 2020 Professional

AMANDA SHALAU – Miss India Australia  2020 – Social Impact 

RADHIKA BOTRE  – Miss India Australia 2020  Popular Choice 

NANSITA CHARAN – Miss India Australia 2020 – Best Student

KIRTHI DODLA – Miss India Australia 2020 International Student (impact)

MIA Finalists 2020 H 4

The Miss India Australia 2020 Winner will be trained, mentored by Sydney based image and personal development mentor Raj Suri and will be exclusively represented via Raj Suri associate talent office globally with the media firm, Karigar Australia.

About Miss India Australia  (est.2001)

Founded in 2001 by photographer/media/film producer Raj Suri, the Original Miss India Australia is the first ever-national talent search in Australia for women of Indian origin, affiliated to the Miss India Worldwide which will be celebrating its 29th year in 2021 represented by over 20 countries. “Miss India Australia embraces the best of Australian and Indian culture presenting a unique opportunity for Australian women to engage with and celebrate rich heritage with contemporary Australian identity.  Miss India Australia does not follow a minimum height or weight criteria in women. It truly celebrates the “real woman” – the Indian Australian diversity. 

The Miss India Australia by Raj Suri is now evolved into the platform of choice for the young culturally aware Australian women especially to make inroads into the Indian Films (Bollywood), Fashion industries and most importantly to cultivate role models to inspire diverse young women of Indian original in Australia and across the globe.

Over the years below are some of the known Miss India Australia WINNERS and Finalists in the Indian Australian Film and TV and Modelling Industries:

Vimala Raman – Miss India Australia 2004
Sharon Johal – Miss India Australia Photogenic 2004
Pallavi Sharda – Miss India Australia 2010
Zenia Starr – Miss India Australia 2013
Nabidita Pal – Miss India Australia 2015
Sukhmani (Zenia) Khaira –  Miss India Australia 2016
Sakshi Singh – Miss India Australia 2018

There are many other former Miss India Australia finalists and or subtitle winners who are pursuing successful careers in varied fields and professions and continue to inspire Indian Australian women from all walks of life.

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