$3.5 million project launched to support teachers manage classrooms and boost student learning

One in three teachers report losing teaching time due to disruptive behaviour, significantly impacting students’ ability to learn.

The Albanese Government has today launched the Engaged Classrooms initiative that will develop tools to support teachers in effectively managing classrooms.

Minister for Education Jason Clare said in a statement: “When students are fully engaged in the classroom, they learn at their best and teachers have more time to teach.”

He added:

“A lot of teachers tell me that when they leave university and jump into the classroom for the first time they don’t feel as prepared as they should to manage a classroom full of students. By providing more resources to teachers we can help them manage the classroom better which is good for them and their students.”

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One in three teachers report losing teaching time due to disruptive behaviour, significantly impacting students’ ability to learn.

Supporting teachers to minimise classroom disruption will result in a significant boost to student learning.

This $3.5 million project will use the latest evidence to help guide teachers to deliver routines, strategies and approaches that maximise student engagement in their classrooms.

The Australian Education Research Organisation (AERO) will be working with teachers to design a suite of resources to support classroom engagement and professional learning for teachers and school leaders.

AERO CEO Dr Jenny Donovan said:

“We know that maximising students’ learning time in class is critical for them to effectively learn, and that this can only happen if teachers can minimise disruptive behaviour and disengagement. This initiative will give teachers and school leaders clear evidence-based guidance and tools for ensuring all students have the opportunity to learn.”

Former teacher and academic, Dr Tim McDonald, has been appointed subject matter expert to the AERO project. He has extensive experience working with schools to improve student engagement and de-escalate misbehaviour and conflict.   

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Together with teachers, school leaders, and Dr McDonald, AERO will develop a range of professional learning resources to be released over the next two years. They include: 

·       easily accessible evidence guides

·       adaptable best practice templates

·       video demonstrations and written case studies

·       online and face-to-face training materials (including targeted training for schools; materials for school leaders for running their own in-school professional learning; materials for initial teacher education).

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